From your ideas to apps

This service is a tool that supports how to shape your application you want to provide with your idea. You can naturally proceed with the requirements definition and system design for that purpose.

Please note that this service is based on your account. Therefore, the contents you define will not be disclosed to anyone other than you.

We follow the MVC style, which is the most sophisticated mechanism.

The contents you enter are interrelated according to the rules for the roles of MVC.

For reifing an idea, focus on the following points

You can think according to the next procedure to organize your requirements
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You can also use just for tool purposes such as follows.

  • You can use as an ER diagram generation tool

    This tool can generate ER diagrams by defining target relationships. In other words, by registering targets and associating between targets, such ER diagrams can be automatically generated.
    In general, ER diagram automatic generation tools use the schema generated when the database is created. By using this tool, you can automatically generate the necessary ER diagrams before creating the database, and then build the database.

    This tool uses virtual targets to represent relationships between entities that are generally difficult to express as ER diagrams in a unique way.
    All of the following are supported.

    • One-to-many relationship
    • One-to-One relationship
    • many-to-many relationship
    • polymorphic relationships (using virtual a target)
    • Self-joining relation (using two virtual targets)
    • STI (single table inheritance) relationship (inherits parent attributes)
  • Used as a organizing tool for features

    This tool can also be used just to organize the functionality of the application you want to create.

    When you want to organize something, you can easily group by registering features as you think of them and linking each feature and each group.
    In addition, by linking each target and each feature, it is possible to easily group features around the main target. You can easily re-edit and re-group targets or specific groups that have been linked once.

    Each feature is devised to be easy to organize based on 5W1H.
    In addition, by specifying CRUDI operations (register, change, delete, search, etc.) for the targets that the features operate on, features can be automatically divided and comprehensively organized.