Clarify who you want to use each feature

It's important to be clear about who the user to use a feature is.

Though you prepare the targets of your service and the works that do for each target, you have to clarify ”who you want these to be used by”.
Because the user on a target includes people who shouldn't use it or who you don't want them to use.
By clarifying for whom this work task is prepared, you are possible to organize the authority of the work task.

In order to organize this, it is necessary to set the target to be used and the target feature in advance.
The user is also a target (target resource). When the user can be considered as multiple types of groups, a target resource must be set for each user group.
For example, when selling a product, the customer buying the product and the staff providing the product should have different authority and tasks.
Both customers and staff are users of services, but their roles are different.
It is necessary to separate them as different target resources corresponding to the big difference in roles.

All you have to do is register a user as a target in advance (new target) and link that user to the feature that needs it.
This linking is done in the Editing Stage Feature work. Select Edit for the corresponding feature from the list of features to be implemented.
Place a check mark in User? at the target associated with the feature in Targets related to this Feature (What, Who).

In addition, in order to actually call each feature, a user interface such as a screen that links the user and the corresponding feature is required.
For this, you can register it separately as a wireframe (rough screen design) by clicking on the 'New User Interface to implement' in the user interface list (user interfaces).
Each user interface can be associated with a corresponding feature.